We offer various garage storage units and carports. Please choose an option below for more information.

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What size unit do I need?

How much space you’ll need depends on what you need to store and how you pack it.

The following guideline will give you an idea of what you can store in our different unit sizes. We strongly suggest that you come out and view the different units before you make a firm booking.

Unit Size Dimensions Recommended for:
7.2m² 2.4m x 3m Small 1 or 2 bedroom flat/cottage or excess items
9m² 3m x 3m 2 bedroom flat or excess items
14.4m² 2.4m x 6m (Container) 2 -3 bedroom house
18m² 3m x 6m 3 – 4 bedroom house/vehicle
22.5m² 3m x 7.5m 3- 4 bedroom house and garage contents/vehicle and goods
28.8m² 2.4m x 12m (Container) 3-4 bedroom house/ business stock
36m² 6m x 6m 4 bedroom house plus garage contents/ business stock/ bigger furniture pieces/ vehicle
54m² 9m x 6m large house or business stock/ vehicles


Should you need a bigger or smaller unit, we will try and accommodate your requirements wherever we can.

Please note the following about our units:

  • The height of the units ranges between 2.2m – 2.8m.
  • Different doors sizes are available.
  • There are no power points in the units.

The wide driveways at our self-storage facility offer easy access to the units. You can drive your car right up to the door of your unit to offload your items.


Contracts are offered on a month-to-month basis. Please contact our offices to check availability.

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Amazing Self Storage offers several options for storing vehicles, trailers, caravans or boats.


Open carports offer good protection from the elements while our strict security measures eliminate the risk of theft. Lock-up carports and units are also available and include power points for your caravan fridge or mover.


These are the carport sizes we offer:


Open carports


  • 3m x 5m
  • 5m x 6m


Lockable Carports


3m x 6.8m

3m x 7.6m


As with all our self-storage units, the availability of our carports changes on a monthly basis. Please contact our offices to check availability and book a viewing.